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Modúl GA3044: Scríbhneoirí Comhaimseartha na Gaeilge & an Pobal Léitheoireachta

LEARNING OUTCOMES: The rationale behind this module is to open up the world of Irish language reading to the student and to give them an insight into contemporary Irish language writing and publishing and content which targets readers of various types.  The students will have ample opportunities to develop their own linguistic skills by studying a range of written texts. Another general aim is to establish student reading habits (reading for leisure) and to look at ways of maintaining these in the long term.

SYLLABUS: Political and social history of the language; arts and cultural movements; contemporary Irish language writers: portraits; contemporary prose: thematic study of selected works, and modern themes and issues in these works;  Irish language script-writing, soaps and short films;  blogging; writing for the stage and performance; book clubs and Irish language literary festivals; literary competitions and schemes e.g. residency scheme;  the Irish language media; children and youth literature; Irish language publishing; supports for publishers; Irish language writers on social media; reader trends and habits;  scope and challenges of Twitter.