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Modúl GA3051: Log Foghlama 1

LEARNING OUTCOMES: The module aims to provide an online space for learners to reflect on their learning and on their study skills and approaches to language learning from the onset of the course. The environment will create prospects for students to document their learning experiences by using innovative methods based on best language learning practice.  It will give insights into the individual differences associated with second language learning with particular emphasis on effective language learning, It will present opportunities to create self-profiles and to identify strengths and difficulties of the learner as an individual. Students will keep regular and consistent logs and will enjoy the benefits of a successful approach to language learning that best suits their needs. The module is designed to cater to the needs of the learner as an individual and therefore will suit a wide range of learner types with varying requirements, from the more traditional L2 learner of Irish to new speakers of the language. Gaeltacht-based self-reflection is central to the learning experience.

SYLLABUS: Induction and training on Sulis; traditional and autonomous study skills; how languages are learned; language learning and emotions; learner profiling; effective language learning; recognising and creating opportunities for use in the target language; identifying strengths and difficulties in the learner profile; receiving feedback on accuracy errors, Gaeltacht-based learning experience (1).