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Modúl GA3054: Saibhriú Teanga: Comhthéacsanna Cumarsáide

LEARNING OUTCOMES: This course will broaden students’ communication,  discursive and articulation skills in Irish. The students will be prepared to identify and use a range of language registers. Formal contexts will relate to official and ceremonial occasions and consultative language such as that used in professional contexts between employer/employee will also be considered. More casual informal registers will relate to the language registers used in social circles with friends. The students’ general language skills will be developed and reinforced enabling them to actively participate in Irish language events in the workplace and beyond.

SYLLABUS: Registers and discourse variations in the workplace – presentations; formal ceremonies; welcoming visitors; introducing speakers; giving speeches at work; opening exhibitions, judging competitions; information booklets; book launches, academic presentations; and other such occasions.Registers and discourse variations beyond the workplace – public speaking & debates; forums; pressure groups; committees; correspondence to newspapers/ web forums; writing newspaper/magazine articles; writing press releases; getting sponsorship and funding; festival work; social media; master of ceremonies skills;

Various media will be used to improve the students’  oral, listening, written, reading ability and cultural awareness – newspapers magazines and journals, promotional material; websites, social media; news items, radio and television programmes. The following themes will be explored: social, political and current affairs; health issues; customs; media; lifestyles; travel; & the Irish language in the home.