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Modúl GA3062: Log Foghlama 2

LEARNING OUTCOMES: The module aims to build upon the reflective, self-evaluation and study skills of students. They will draw upon their experiences of a blended learning approach to further utilise online learning tools to develop the quality of their learning. The focus is on literature as a resource for the language learner, evaluating both online and print reading materials, and developing critical and creative thinking in relation to both. A further aim of the module is to build on students' cultural awareness and personal development during activities beyond the classroom and VLE, and in the Gaeltacht in particular. 

SYLLABUS: Developing a plan for learning; how to effectively approach the learning log; appropriate use of learning resources for support; gaining an understanding of online and print language resources; developing awareness in relation to language accuracy – nurturing noticing; exploration of dialects and phonetics; strategies for learning vocabulary; the effect of affect- a look at communication apprehension; implementing corrective feedback; monitoring progress in the four language skills; Gaeltacht-based learning experience (2).