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Offending and Desistance

The CCJVS has a strong research focus in examining offending behaviour from a socio-legal and criminological standpoint, exploring key themes in offender management both prior to entering the formal criminal justice system and upon release from prison. Our researchers are examining the practical application of policy making in areas like youth justice, Garda diversion projects and post-release offender management, as well as exploring the ramifications of community-based punishments and programmes and the treatment of particular groups such as those with sexual offence convictions. There is a focus upon examining processes of reintegration and desistance, as well as research exploring the legal and social implications of having a criminal record in modern Ireland.

Key CCJVS researchers in this area: Dr Margaret Fitzgerald-O’Reilly, Dr Johnny Connolly, Dr Sean Redmond, Mr Eoin O’Meara-Daly, Dr Catherine Naughton, Mr John Reddy, Dr Michelle Stevenson.

PhD researchers in this area: Lorraine Barron, Beth Duane, Eoin Guilfoyle, Michelle McCarthy.