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Student Personal Data Held by the University

2.         Student Personal Data Held by the University

2.1       Student data is mainly obtained from the details you provide through the CAO (Central Applications Office), PAC (Postgraduate Applications Centre), or directly through the application/enrolment/registration process. Student academic performance data will be collected during the course of your studies and held by the University on its records systems.  Additional data is collected/recorded by a number of services/offices within the University to meet specific needs (e.g. Faculty/Department, Student Affairs Division, Library, Fees Office, Student Health Centre, Student Counselling Service etc).

2.2       The University provides this Privacy Notice, which in broad terms explains how and why we typically process and share your personal data.

2.3       Categories of personal data collected/recorded include:

  • Name, Addresses (Home, Term, email), phone number(s), date of birth, nationality, PPS No;
  • Course application details,  schools attended, previous examination results;
  • Curricula Vitae for placement students;
  • Financial information, details of funding, fees;
  • Image (for Identity card), student ID number;
  • Visa requirements/visas; copies of passport, garda vetting record, medical information and other documents required to ensure compliance with legislative and specific course requirements;
  • Information about examinations, assessments and results, I-grades, repeat examinations and student progression;
  • Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates awarded;
  • Socio-Economic Category (optional), Religion (Optional);
  • Parents Employment Status (Optional) Parents Socio Economic grouping, Parents Occupation (Optional);
  • Details of Disabilities (Optional), Medical Records, Records of visits to Counselling Service;
  • University CCTV recordings;
  • Disciplinary, grievance procedures data.

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