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Economic Empowerment of Women: Contribution of International Law

Project Description
Researched linkages between the economic empowerment of women and international law: four reports produced addressing four areas; 1. Scoping; 2. i. Equal Remuneration; ii. Equal Access to Economic Activity; 3. i. Women in Power and Decision-Making; ii. Gender Responsive Budgeting; 4. The Collective Approach. Country specific examples were researched (each time, for all subjects), and empirical evidence sought and compared with claims made as well as obligations undertaken.  A major benefit is that the membership of the Committee is drawn from a wide range of jurisdictions (legal and economic).

Principal Investigators; Co-Investigators
Members of ILA International Committee on Feminism and International Law - see ( - Committees) (2011-2018) for full list of members and alternates - drawn from several countries reflecting the membership of the International Law Association (ILA). 

Chair - Patricia Conlan;
Rapporteurs: Judy Walsh, (UCD) and Denise Roche, (NWCI) - different periods.


Project Outputs
Reports 1 (Sofia Seventy-Fifth Conference 2012); 2 (Washington Seventy-Sixth Conference 2014) and 3. (Johannesburg Seventy-Seventh Conference 2016) have been published and no. 4 (Sydney Seventy-Eighth Conference 2018) is due this year: the publisher is The International Law Association, London.