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Female Empowerment in Science and Technology Academia

Project Description

Women are under-represented at senior levels in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) disciplines worldwide. This under-representation is receiving attention at EU and National level, on the basis that this homogeneity impedes creativity, diversity and innovation and limits attracting and retaining female students to these disciplines.

UL and six partner universities are involved in this five-year FESTA Project, whose aim is to increase the numbers of women in science and technology by implementing changes in the working environment. Within the overall project, there are seven different work packages, which include: Awareness Raising, Decision Making and Communication Processes, Perceptions of Excellence in Hiring Processes, PhD Supervision and Resistance to Equality Measures.

As a result of the project, partner institutions will have increased awareness of:

  • Structural factors that have different impacts on women and men
  • Gender bias in research appraisal and
  • The problems caused by resistance in implementing gender equality measures

Principal Investigators

Prof Pat O’Connor and Prof Ita Richardson


Prof Edmond Magner, Dean, Science and Engineering

Project Manager

Dr Clare O’Hagan, Research Fellow FESTA

External Partners

Uppsala University, Sweden; Syddanske Universitet, Denmark; FWTH Aachen Universitat, Germany; Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy; SWU Bulgaria; Istanbul Teknik Universitesi, Turkey.


February 2012 - January 2017

Grant Source

EU. FP7-Science-in-Society-2011-1. Project No. 287526

Grant Amount

Total funding: 729,664
EU funding: 455,812
Matched funding: 194,512