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Nomadic Work/Life in the Knowledge Economy

Project Description

The Nomadic Work/Life in the Knowledge Economy project is a joint project between the Departments of Sociology and Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) at UL.

As the Irish economy is further integrated in the global knowledge economy, this project is investigating new forms of work and professional practice in high-tech, academic research and creative industries. As the knowledge economy is marked by intense flows of capital, goods, people and ideas, mobility becomes a critical feature of contemporary life for individuals, organisations and nations, not only internationally but also at personal, local and regional levels.

This project is investigating the challenges and opportunities posed by knowledge/professional mobility, as the country seeks to reposition itself in a ‘post Celtic Tiger’ phase and specifically addresses the question of how mobile work affects work and non-work activities and the gendered implications across the ICT, new creative and academic areas of work.

Principal Investigators

Dr Breda Gray (Sociology)
Dr Luigina Ciolfi, Interaction Design Centre, CSIS)


Dr Anthony D’Andrea (2008-2010)
Fabiano Pinatti de Carvalho (PhD Scholar)
Lisa Wixted (PhD Scholar)

External Partners

Dr Michaela Benson (Keele University), Dr Elaine Moriarty (Trinity College Dublin), Dr Misha Myers (University of Falmouth), Dr Justin Spinny (University of Surrey), and Dr. Jo Vergunst (University of Aberdeen), Prof. Tim Cresswell (University of London); Dr Detleve Lück (Mainz University Germany); Dr Henrike Rau (NUI Galway); Dr Carsten Sorensen (LSE); Prof. John Urry (CeMoRe, Lancaster University); Prof. Rosalind Gill (King’s College London), Dr Kate Kenny (National University Ireland – Galway); Dr Kate Boyer (University of Southampton); Prof. Dianne Perrons (LSE); Dr Doris Ruth Eikhof, (University of Stirling); Dr Katie Milestone (Manchester Metropolitan University), Prof. Gloria Mark (University of California, Irvine); Dr Mark Perry (Brunel University); Professor Barbara Czarniawska (University of Gothenburg, Sweden).



Grant Source

PRTLI4 (Irish Social Science Platform)

Grant Amount


Project Outputs

  • 3 data sets: ICT entrepreneurs /high-skilled workers (archived Institutional Repository Glucksman Library at UL); online creative entrepreneurs; and academics (all in the greater Limerick area)
  • 4 NWL International Seminars:
  • 1st NWL International Seminar: Mobility and Nomadicity Methodologies
  • 2nd NWL International Seminar: Methodologies for Mobilities Research
  • 3rd NWL International Seminar Series: Mobility, Technology, Gender and Work
  • 4th NWL International Seminar Series – Seminar II: ‘Work Around - Practices around Technology, Space and the Ever-changing Nature of Organisational Life’
  • Special issue of the journal Mobilities 6(2) Spring 2011
  • Further 2 special edited journals forthcoming
  • 12 international conference papers
  • Knowledge exchange activities completed with National Technology Park, IxDA Limerick
  • Book proposal for a jointly written monograph underway