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Participation in Global Cultural Heritage Governance

Project Description
After a review by each committee member of the governance of cultural heritage in a chosen jurisdiction (region, country or international convention of choice), a first draft of comparative approaches, and eventually the translation of (domestic) experiences into international standard setting reform proposals will be attempted. Patricia Conlan will examine the European Union's approach, which is one where the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) provides for a supportive role for the EU - at its most simple. The reality is more complicated.

Principal Investigators; Co-Investigators
Collaborative approach - with each participant providing a review either of a region, national or specific international law convention - discussing 'governance of cultural heritage'. International membership of Committee (see -  Committee on Cultural  Heritage) - Chair Dr A. Jakubowski (Poland); Rapporteur Dr L. Lixinski (Brazil/Australia). Dr Patricia Conlan (EU) and Dr Amy Strecker (Council of Europe) are the two Irish members of the Committee. Ca 34 members/alternates of the Committee. The international nature of the membership is particularly helpful.

First meeting August 2018 (Sydney) to discuss plan and agree division of work. Working meeting (Oxford) July 2019. Interim report August 2020; Working meeting August 2021; Final report August 2022 - with potential to extend.