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Women and Ageing Research Network

Project Description
A network of scholars and researchers engaging with the symbolic aspects of women and ageing in culture and society, and the power these constructions exert over old age.
The aim of this network is to foster critical discussions and research about intersections of the cultural, social and medical dimensions of women and ageing.
Our researchers engage with discourses on ageing in their various cultural manifestations through the ages but also across different cultures, genres and media.

Principal Investigators
Dr Margaret O’Neill, UL
Dr Michaela Schrage-Frueh, NUI Galway

Grant Source
Irish Research Council New Foundations (2015)
Irish Research Council New Foundations (2014)

Women and Ageing: Private Meanings, Social Lives (Life Writing, 2019)
Women and Ageing in Irish Writing and Film (Nordic Irish Studies Journal, 2018)
Ageing Women in Literature and Visual Culture: Reflections, Refractions, Reimaginings (Palgrave, 2017)

Conferences and Symposia
‘Women, Ageing and Life Narrative’, NUIG, 2018
‘Women and Ageing Writing Workshop’, UL, 2016
‘Women and Ageing: New Cultural and Critical Perspectives’, UL, 2015