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Cyber Security Awareness Training

One of the best defenses against cyber security threats is user awareness. The University provides several online training resources to help staff and students become more cyber security aware.

In this training, available for both Staff & Students, you’ll explore some of the critical issues regarding protecting your identity and data, as well as learn about real security threats that everyone must protect themselves against when using online tools and services.  Some of the techniques whereby groups can get your passwords, credit card numbers, and other vital information, will be mentioned, with some example case studies, and ways in which you can minimise such risks to yourself.

Phishing Video

This is a short 3 minute video that covers the area of phishing attacks. This type of cyber-attack is one of the most common experienced by staff and students in the University.


All Aboard Security Awareness training 

This is a short training course that takes about 25 minutes to complete. It covers basic Cyber Security awareness and best practices to protect users from common cyber threats. This course is accessible using your sulis account.