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Roma Rights: Dr Norah Burns

The Roma Rights Advanced Lawyering project focused on the Roma National Needs Assessment that was published by Pavee Point and the Department of Justice in January 2018. The report focused on a number of different areas such as discrimination, education, healthcare etc. All the data in the report was collected by Roma peer researchers. The four UL students selected to participate in the project were tasked with each choosing one of the themes focused on in the report, the students choose employment, education, healthcare and accommodation. The students then put together individual reports on their selected area and how the findings of the national needs assessment could be implemented in Ireland drawing on best practice in other European countries. The students participated in workshops with Dr Patrick O'Donnell, a GP specialising in inclusion medicine in the Graduate Entry Medical School at UL, Franz Amin of the Politics Department UL and Fiona McCaul and Dr Majka Ryan of Doras Luimni. The workshops focused on access to healthcare for marginalised communities, the concept of vulnerability and the habitual residence requirement. The students also prepared blogs and infographics to disseminate their research. All four students participated in a Roma Rights half day seminar with Dr Bernard Rorke from the European Roma Rights Centre in Budapest and Dr Colin Clarke from the University of the West of Scotland as well as representatives from Pavee Point and Doras Luimni. The project was supervised by Dr Norah Burns and received generous funding from the AHSS Faculty Teaching Board Fund.